Friday, March 20, 2009


It's midnight and I'm just back from some ice climbing. The climbing itself was nowt special but nice enough and not too far from home, but the night sky was wonderful: no moon, no town lights, seven degrees of frost and just stars and stars and a thousand more stars. I wish I knew how to take good photos of skies like that. It's something to put on my ridiculously long list of "things I really must learn". But you'll just have to trust me - it was great.
Anyway, here's what happens when you try some one handed filming with a camera phone, whilst half way up an ice climb solo - not much really...


Martin Rye said...

That looked quit an adventure you had. I am enjoying the varied material on your blog.

Tony said...

Damn. I didn't think of the night sky when I turned you down on the offer of a late night ice climbing jaunt. We should go out one evening and take photos of the night sky. Can you borrow a tripod?

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